Bag in Box (BIB) Packaging

Colonial Enterprises offers BIB (Bag in Box) packaging which was developed to offer significant savings in storage expenses and environmentally friendly in comparison to the traditional awkward containers such as bottles, tins, drums, tanks etc.
our BIB liners come with capacity range from 18 to 20 litres. It can be made with oxygen barrier or non-oxygen barrier film structure. To suit the various customers. requirements and different applications, Bag in Box liners are manufactured from or with a combination of:
A. Polyethylene films (LLDPE)
B. Multi-layer co-extruded nylon or EVOH film.

Benefits of BIB packaging:
1. Cost saving.
2. Easily disposable. Eliminating cleaning and transport costs.
3. Reduction in packaging material and weight.
4. Collapsible. Save space during storage and transportation.
5. Collapsible. Save space during storage and transportation.
6. Protects products throughly by it's high-barrier films.
7. Connects quickly and easily to a wide range of dispensing systems.


BIB has many uses for pumpable foods, including industrial applications for primary and secondary food processors and commercial product suppliers.
Applications include packing of oils, liquid eggs, sauces, fruit purees etc.

BIB is useful for beverage manufacturers in preventing their products from becoming oxidized and contaminated by air or handling during transportation.
Applications include packing of wine products, milk, mineral water etc.

Non- food Products
An increasing number of customers are taking advantage of the cost saving, easy to use and versatile dispensing features found in BIB packaging.
Applications include photo chemicals, powder mixes, hygiene products, pharmaceuticals etc.