CoPack Bottling

Colonial Enterprises has the equipment and expertise to meet your bottling requests whether for commercial production, product stability sampling. We offer comprehensive services, a variety of packing options and strict quality control procedures to ensure consistent customer satisfaction.

We provides bottling services for powder, liquid and solid dosages for both high volume and small quantity needs. Our turnkey services include purchasing of all components, carton printing, and in-line cartoning or bundling. Colonial Enterprises can package a variety of bottle sizes in various shapes such as round, square and oblong.

We use small and large format slat filling systems to fill the bottles. Solid dose products can be in tablets, capsules, caplets, soft/liquid gels, or gel caps form. In-line check weighers and fill sensors confirm fill count accuracy and then completes the process with induction seal, permaseal, and a child-resistant or senior-friendly cap.

    HDPE or PET bottles with induction seal, permaseal, child resistant or senior friendly cap
    Exact filling of each bottle with capsules, tablets, soft gels or powders (validated system)
    Safety seal
    Complete body band on each bottle
    Dessicant (moisture and/or odor absorbent)
    Rayon coil or cotton
    Application of an outsert over the cap of the bottle
    Insertion of an insert between the bottle and the body band
    Labeling of the bottle using a label-view system to verify the application of the lot number and expiry date on each bottle
    Cartoning of bottles
    Shrink wrapping of bottles or bundle wrapping