Contract Form Filling & Sealing Services

Horizontal form fill and seal process.
Vertical form fill and seal process.

For the packaging of a variety of liquids and powders, we offer contract filling services that cater to a number of applications, including food & beverages, cosmetics, as well as pharmaceutical products. Products can be filled in a variety of container styles, including bottles, jars, tubes, and pouches according to your specific requirement. Customers can also choose from a number of sealing and closing options offered for product containers, including induction cap sealing. In addition, date stamping as well as product identification markers such as pressure sensitive labels, are also offered by us.

Our tamper evident shrink wrapping ensures safety of the product until it reaches the consumer. Products are also blended, mixed, and formulated in compliance with customer specifications, prior to filling in containers. Besides packaging liquids as well as powders, some of the other products that we package, include tablets and other solids. As filling services are performed on automatic and semi-automatic lines, we are able to handle both small and high volume production runs.

What is horizontal and vertical form filling and sealing? 

Form filling and sealing is an automated assembly line process that uses film (or other material) to produce a type of sealed pouch. As the machinery folds and seals the film into a pouch, it simultaneously fills in the product, thus creating a type of sealed bag that may contain any wet or dry product. There are 2 types of form fill and seal: vertical form fill and seal (VFFS), and horizontal form fill and seal (HFFS).

Vertical form fill and seal involves the sealing of product on a vertical plane, going from up to down in which ends are cut from bottom to top.

Horizontal form fill and seal involves the sealing of product by sliding on a horizontal plane in which ends are cut from side to side.


What are the advantages of horizontal and vertical form filling and sealing?

Faster production times.
Because the machinery for form fill and seal incorporates all stages of production automatically, the process is quick. 

Relatively inexpensive.
Can seal product without heavy or expensive packaging material. 

Flexible solution.
Solids, dry or liquids can be packaged using vertical form fill and seal (VFFS).

Horizontal/vertical form fill and seal services we provide: 

  • We can do vertical form fill and seal.
  • We can do horizontal form fill and seal.
  • We can create a custom design package.
  • We can use special die-cut shapes and/or hangholes.
  • We can lot code, create easy-tear, a 3 or 4 side seal, etc. 
  • We can design and size packages based on its contents (the ideal model).
  • We can use several types of materials, like special barrier films that retain moisture.
  • We can print and convert the film in several colors (foil stamping, UV-coating, lamination, etc.)
  • We have the capacity to package 30,000 pieces per day.
  • We can immediately accommodate sizes up to 4x7 inches (HFFS only).