Liquid Pouch


Colonial Enterprises offers a cost effective, lightweight, durable liquid pouch that provides perfect protection for your product and has very low carbon footprint. Compared to traditional bottles or cans, Colonial Enterprises offers an eco friendly solution for all your liquid pouch packaging needs including refills, beverages, soups, and non-food items like detergents and cosmetics.


spout_front2Our liquid pouch meets all FDA and CH requirements and does not contain BPA (Bisphenol A) in its composition. Several studies indicate BPA contains cancer causing agents present in most brands of plastic PET bottles. Made from high barrier property plastic film, our high puncture and abrasion resistant liquid pouch, will keep your product safe and fresh for a longer shelf life.


The Colonial Enterprises liquid pouch also gives you greater flexibility for sizes from 50ml to several litres. We also customize your desired closure system: screw cup, flip top or push pulls or easy tear open. Our quality designed high gloss print will set you apart from the rest for a prominent, high shelf appeal. Imbedded in the packaging itself, labels will never damage or break.


Liquid Pouch Packaging Solutions


  • High-gloss print: high shelf-appeal
  • Custom closure systems:  spouted - screw cup, flip top or push pulls – or easy tear open
  • Great size and size flexibility
  • Low carbon footprint solution compared to traditional bottle or cans
  • Very light weight
  • Easy logistics: no bulky packaging to handle before bottling:
  • No need for labels and labelling
  • Cost effective bottling
  • Very strong and durable packaging; high puncture and abrasion resistance
  • Made of high barrier property plastic film
  • Easy recycling for the consumer (no bulk)
  • Meet FDA and CH requirements


Its vertically integrated plastic processing technology includes full converting line with advanced flexography print.

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